3in1 Tool, Defense Logistics Agency

In 2009, Chiral Software became the prime contractor for a Defense Logistics Agency system to replace the SF44 paper form with an electronic record keeping system. The system requires mobility, ease of use, and integration with other DLA systems. The project is ongoing, and has moved from Android-based to a responsive HTML5-based application.

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Rapid Innovation Fund research contract

In 2012 we were awarded H9222212C0062, to perform specialized hardware and software research for SOCOM.

DARPA Improv program

Chiral Software was awarded all three phases in the DARPA Improv program, from 2016 to 2017, to improve DARPA’s understanding of potential threats to US forces.

Department of Agriculture

We have completed numerous web development contracts for the Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture.