Eric Hollander

founder/ ceo

Bachelors in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, CA. After graduation Eric followed his passion for computers, which he has had since he started programming as a pre-teen. His area of focus is in machine learning and thinking about how biological neural mechanisms could lead to more capable machines. Eric loves world travel and ice cream.


Michael Remington

machine learning researcher

Bachelor in Computer Science from Western Washington University, WA. Michael had worked in the Western Washington University in a machine learning research lab with a focus on deep learning. He had such machine learning experience as a text classification,image recognition, sports prediction, genetic analysis, economic forecasting, and real time object detection.


Sosy Dersarkissian

electrical engineer/project manager

Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Technology in Baghdad. Sosy graduated with Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University. She joined the Chiral Software team in 2010. Her interests are IoT engineering and technology. Sosy is fluent in three languages and loves traveling.

Jonathan Pullan

Senior software developer

Bachelors in Computer Science from Sonoma State University, CA. Jonathan has worked in the area of mobile software since before the first release of Android. He joined the Chiral Software team in 2009, working mostly on DoD projects. Jonathan is an avid Dodgers fan.

Asel Eshimbaeva

office manager

Bachelors in Health Science from Long Island University, NY. Asel has worked as a service coordinator for health care providers and marketer in the Wall Street firm, but later she got interested in IT and joined the Chiral Software team. Asel speaks 3 languages.