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Search engine optimized blog software

Category: Search

10:03 PM, Thu, Jun 28 2007

We have switched our site over to the new blogging system. This new software has some amazing features:

  • All the typical blog features: categories, web interface for adding content, database backing
  • Automatically generates search engine optimized URLs
  • Generated URLs are secure. The sequence number is encrypted.
  • Blog entries can contain Java expression language. This is the first and only blog software with the ability to include expressions in the blog entries.
  • Blog entries are correctly re-generated for mobile devices, including XHTML, WML, and the new iPhone.

When the code is ready for release, we will publish key parts of it. Some features, like the action links at the bottom of this entry, are not active yet. Eventually we will turn this software into a powerful blogging community, featuring "Web 2.0" blogs, with mobile capabilities.