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GSA IT-70 Price List

GSA IT 70 software developers

Prices as of March, 2011

Level 1 Web Programmer - FPDS code D308

A Level 1 Web programmer is familiar with the basic technologies of the web. These include HTML, basics of web server systems, and basic web server programming. With guidance form higher-level developers, Level 1 Web Programmers may work on databases and other dynamic web features. Level 1 Web Programmers are able to install and use development environments and tools and document their work.

A Level 1 Web Programmer has a minimum of four years experience in IT and two years with web server technologies.

GSA Price: $78.38 per hour

Level 2 Web Programmer - FPDS code D308

A Level 2 Web Programmer goes beyond the abilities of a Level 1 Web Programmer with the ability to do design, performance and security analysis. A Level 2 Web Programmer can make decisions about database design, object design, and security, and document these tasks. A Level 2 Web Programmer has familiarity with web server setup and operation and some experience with server operating systems and configuration.

A Level 2 Web Programmer must have 4 years of experience with web technologies and must have two years of experience with web server systems.

GSA Price: $94.05 per hour

Web Designer - FPDS code D306

A Web Designer can take an idea and understand how to design a system to implement this idea. This includes:

  • Defining the web pages, forms and templates which will be needed
  • Configuring and installing web server software
  • Laying out the project files
  • Establishing and managing source code
  • Defining objects and structures
  • Designing key domain classes (object-oriented design)
  • Estimating time requirements, including uncovering areas which may have unexpected complexity
  • Guiding lower-level programmers to implement all of the above
  • Managing source control and a test environment
  • Analyzing performance problems
  • Evaluating a large existing code base
  • Documenting all aspects of the system, including technical and user documentation

A Web designer must have eight or more years of experience in web and server systems. A Web Designer must also have a broader understanding of how servers operates on the network. A Web Designer should have a broader understanding of software design, and at least two years of cumulative experience in more advanced object-oriented languages, such as Java.


  • A BA or BS degree from a rigorous university or equivalent work experience
  • Ten years of experience in web application design
  • Six years of experience with operating systems

GSA Price: $120.18 per hour

Application Programmer - FPDS code D306

An Application Programmer uses modern programming languages to solve business problems. The Application Programmer may specialize in certain areas, which may include web applications, mobile applications, or others. With supervision and guidance, an Application Programmer may perform higher-level design functions with guidance.

Tasks also include documentation of work.


  • A strong understanding of software design methods
  • A BA or BS degree from a rigorous university or equivalent experience
  • Four years of programming experience, including two in a focus area

GSA Price: $99.28 per hour

Enterprise Programmer - FPDS code D308

An Enterprise Programmer has all the capabilities of an Application Programmer and adds areas related to enterprise systems. These include deep understanding of relevant technology areas. These may also include specialized areas such as security and cryptography.


  • All the requirements of an Application Programmer
  • Two years of experience in Enterprise programming

GSA Price: $141.08 per hour

System Administrator - FPDS Code D301

A System Administrator is able to install server operating systems on PC servers and workstation hardware. Installation includes physical installation into server rooms, installation of hardware components such as cards and memory and configuration of storage systems such as RAID systems. System Administrators have in-depth knowledge of operating systems and can perform analysis, documentation, configuration, and operating system programming tasks. Installation may also include network setup tasks, such as simple switch and simple router configuration tasks. Operational tasks include managing users, processes, startup processes, security, firewall configuration and network configuration, and documentation.


  • Eight years of experience with all of the listed software components
  • Eight years of experience with PC hardware installation, including installing cards, memory and disk drives

GSA Price: $99.28 per hour

Software Architect - FPDS Code D308

The Software Architect works with the customer to understand the business need and the outline of a solution. A project starts when a customer articulates a need and decides to explore a solution to this need. The Software Architect provides guidance for the solution. This guidance includes answering the following questions:

  • What is the business need?
  • What capabilities will meet this need?
  • Can the solution be divided into stages? If so, what are these stages?
  • What are the technology options, and which option will best fit the customer's needs and existing environment? These technology options include options for server software and storage (persistence).
  • Which resources will be needed, how long will it take?

The Software Architect has experience with a broad range of technologies and can work creatively with the customer to develop a plan.


  • Ten years of experience with all the important Software technologies of that time period.
  • BA degree from a rigorous university

GSA Price: $141.08 per hour

Service descriptions

FPDS Code D301 -- IT Facility Operation and Maintenance

Furnish personnel, equipment and facilities to accomplish operation and maintenance of IT facilities. Includes: analysis of hardware and software components needed; facility planning; analysis of existing hardware and software infrastructure; physical installation of hardware and hardware components; installation of software; configuration of software; installation and configuration of operating systems; configuration of storage systems; performing backups; system security; use of firewalls; user administration; diagnosing, monitoring and improving performance; and work with Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Windows Server systems. Some familiarity with server software such as Apache httpd and Java servers.

FPDS Code D306 -- IT Systems Analysis Services

Furnish personnel, equipment and facilities to accomplish systems analysis and design. Include: Mission requirements analysis, concept development, systems requirements analyses and information engineering, Systems specifications, Database specifications, Business Process Re-engineering, Requirements Modeling and Prototyping, User-oriented design, Coding, unit testing, and integration testing, test plans and test analysis reports, hardware specifications, acquisition support and documentation.

FPDS Code D308 -- Programming Services

Furnish software development of tailored programs and modification and enhancement of existing and/or COTs programs. Include: Design specifications, Code generation, Interoperability studies, Prototype development, migration to match platform requirements, testing, debugging, verification and validation, Source code management, User interface design, Firewalls, Security, and acquisition support.

Note: These prices are available to GSA buyers only. Commercial customers must use our commercial price list.