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Developing for JBoss Seam and Google Android

UnsupportedOperationException: setProperty must be overridden by all subclasses of SOAPMessage

ExceptionOfTheDay - 3:10 AM, Tue, Apr 15 2008

Why does this mysterious exception happen sometimes, but not always, when deploying a webservice in JBoss?

InstantiationException: Could not instantiate Seam component

ExceptionOfTheDay - 2:23 AM, Mon, Apr 14 2008

This mysterious exception shows up with explanation. What do you do about it?

Google Android first look

default - 3:09 PM, Fri, Apr 11 2008

Google's Android platform is going to be bigger than the Apple iPhone. Here's our first look at it, as developers.

DTD declarations in XML files are evil

JBoss - 8:39 PM, Tue, Mar 4 2008

Putting a DTD line at the top of your XML file seems like a good idea, so that the file can be validated. Actually, due to a mis-design in dom4j, DTD declaration lines should be avoided in JBoss Seam applications.

What I'd like to see in Java Persistence

Java - 1:38 AM, Wed, Feb 20 2008

I love EJB 3.0. But what else do I want?

Annotations, inheritance, EJBs and JBoss Seam

Java - 9:00 AM, Fri, Jan 25 2008

Java 1.5 brought the wonderful feature of annotations. JBoss Seam relies on annotations heavily. Understanding how annotations work with class inheritance is important to understanding how your Seam components will behave.

Finding the right JAR

Java - 11:59 PM, Fri, Jan 18 2008

An application today often requires classes from many different packages. Sometimes it can be hard to find which JAR file contains the class you need.

No route to host while parsing XML?

ExceptionOfTheDay - 10:03 PM, Sat, Dec 29 2007

Why in the world of Java would there be a "cannot route to host" error while accessing a Seam page? Find out in today's Exception of the Day, which concludes with a theoretical discussion of possible security risks in dom4j.

JFreeCharts in PDF with JSF and Seam

JBoss - 5:00 PM, Thu, Dec 20 2007

We go into more detail about using our new PDF tag in Seam PDF to render JFreeChart.

JBoss Seam iText PDF custom JSF tags

JBoss - 10:51 PM, Tue, Dec 18 2007

JBoss Seam has powerful PDF output capabilities, which can be enhanced with custom JSF tags. We create a tag which renders arbitrary Components in the PDF. Source code and the compiled tag library are included.

Securing Dovecot IMAP, VSFTPD with TLS

Security - 3:49 PM, Wed, Dec 12 2007

In a previous blog entry, we showed how to secure Postfix with TLS. Now we'll do the same with the ftp protocol, using the VSFTPD server, and the IMAP protocol, using the Dovecot IMAP server.

Secure relaying with Postfix TLS

Linux - 3:15 PM, Sat, Dec 8 2007

The Postfix MTA can be set up to allow authenticated users to relay mail. This is the most handy way for mobile, remote users to send mail through the corporate mail server. Setting this up requires configuring SASL, TLS, Cyrus and SSL certificates. We show you how.

IllegalArgumentException: no such setter method: conversationIsLongRunningParameter

ExceptionOfTheDay - 2:57 PM, Fri, Dec 7 2007

While upgrading an application from JBoss Seam 1.2 to Seam 2.0, I encountered today's Exception of the Day.

NetBeans 6 is cool

Java - 1:24 PM, Thu, Dec 6 2007

NetBeans 6 came out last week. Here's a cool feature.

Virtual hosts in JBoss

JBoss - 6:24 PM, Sun, Dec 2 2007

JBoss is an application server which comes with the Apache Tomcat web server. Configuring virtual hosts in JBoss is somewhat different from configuring Tomcat though.

Bean binding Swing example

Swing - 8:34 PM, Sat, Nov 24 2007

The Beans binding (JSR 295) framework greatly simplifies binding Swing UI components to beans. After reading this article, you'll want to use Beans Binding in all your Swing projects. Here's how to use it.

JBoss Incomplete Deployment listing

ExceptionOfTheDay - 12:35 AM, Mon, Nov 19 2007

What causes Incomplete Deployment listing when trying to configure a database connection in JBoss Application server?

SpamAssassin: it works

Linux - 7:42 PM, Mon, Oct 29 2007

The volume of spam is increasing, and has gotten to the point where email is unusable without some type of anti-spam system. The open source SpamAssassin takes some configuration, but is very effective once it is tweaked.

ERROR: syntax error at or near TXID

ExceptionOfTheDay - 7:37 PM, Wed, Oct 24 2007

Today's Exception of the Day occurs with Postgres and JBoss 4.2.1. What is causing this?

XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: tbody

ExceptionOfTheDay - 12:55 AM, Thu, Sep 13 2007

This shows up in RichFaces with a rich:dataGrid. Why?

EJB query language MEMBER OF

JBoss - 2:31 PM, Wed, Sep 12 2007

EJB 3's powerful query language lets developers query for entities which have sets which contain other entities. This is how and why you use it, and how it compares to doing it in SQL.

Internet Telephony Conference and Expo

VoIP - 8:18 PM, Tue, Sep 11 2007

The Internet Telephony Conference and Expo, from September 10-12, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, was a whole conference and expo devoted to VoIP and SIP technologies. I was there, I was excited. Yes, excited about SIP.

POJOs and conversation scope

JBoss - 12:17 AM, Sat, Sep 8 2007

POJO (Plain Old Java Objects) have conversation scope, but which conversation scope?

Opening Doors for Small Business Day 3

GSA - 12:49 AM, Thu, Aug 30 2007

The last day of the conference.

Opening Doors for Small Business Day 2 night

GSA - 11:59 PM, Tue, Aug 28 2007

But the conference doesn't end when the sun goes down.

Opening Doors for Small Business Day 2 day

GSA - 12:55 PM, Tue, Aug 28 2007

Day Two of the Opening Doors for Small Business conference featured more marketing talks, more match-making, the opening of the exhibits, and a party.

GSA: Opening Doors, day 1

GSA - 10:36 PM, Mon, Aug 27 2007

Report from the first day of the GSA: Opening Doors for Small Business Conference and Business Exposition, in Phoenix, Arizona.

HibernateException: cannot simultaneously fetch multiple bags

ExceptionOfTheDay - 9:29 AM, Mon, Aug 20 2007

Our Exception of the Day: org.hibernate.HibernateException: cannot simultaneously fetch multiple bags happens with eager loading in EJB3.

Bjarne Stroustrup's talk on the future of C++

Software - 5:58 PM, Tue, Aug 14 2007

Bjarne Stroustrup recently gave a talk on the future of C++.

Bug deploying EAR with JBoss 4.2 Seam

JBoss - 10:31 PM, Mon, Aug 13 2007

The new EAR format, supported by JBoss 4.2, automatically deploys jar files in the ear/lib directory, but Seam does not scan them properly.

Race condition vulnerability in syscall wrappers

Security - 12:15 PM, Thu, Aug 9 2007

Robert N. M. Watson, of the Security Research Group Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, presented a paper on how race conditions render syscall wrappers (like most anti-virus software) useless. I discuss the findings and show the equivalent attacks in Java, and show why there is much less danger in Java.


LosAngeles - 1:01 AM, Thu, Aug 9 2007

We just had a shaker.

Fountain pen review: Lamy Accent Brilliant

Fun - 7:17 PM, Tue, Aug 7 2007

I'm happy with my new fountain pen.

Adding functionality to JButton, the right way

Java - 12:51 AM, Mon, Aug 6 2007

It's easy to write an ActionEvent listener for a JButton. It's also the wrong way to add functionality to a JButton and other Swing user interface elements.

IllegalArgumentException: Can not set java.lang.Integer field

ExceptionOfTheDay - 5:34 PM, Sun, Aug 5 2007

How do you set types in components.xml?

Getting the HSQLDB in JBoss

JBoss - 1:33 AM, Mon, Jul 30 2007

There's an easy trick to get a console to the HSQLDB (Hypersonic) in JBoss.

Using the Seam Framework's EntityHome class

JBoss - 7:13 PM, Sun, Jul 29 2007

JBoss Seam comes with an abstract class called EntityHome which makes it easy to manage entities.

QuerySyntaxException: unexpected AST node

ExceptionOfTheDay - 6:36 PM, Sat, Jul 28 2007

This exception comes up when there is a syntax error in your EJB QL in JBoss.

ArrayStoreException with Ajax4JSF and JBoss Seam

ExceptionOfTheDay - 3:48 PM, Fri, Jul 27 2007

An application created with Seam-gen 1.2.1, which uses Ajax4JSF Richfaces, will throw this exception in JBoss 4.2.1.

The Algorithm March

Fun - 10:42 AM, Thu, Jul 26 2007

A strangely compelling video from Japanese TV

PropertyNotFoundException Target Unreachable, identifier resolved to null

ExceptionOfTheDay - 8:54 PM, Tue, Jul 24 2007

JBoss can be a configuration nightmare. Today we present our first Exception of the Day.

Dropdown Web menus without JavaScript

Search - 1:22 PM, Tue, Jul 24 2007

Drop down menus are a popular website navigation technique today. They can be implemented without JavaScript.

JBoss Application Server with Java 6

JBoss - 6:29 PM, Sun, Jul 22 2007

JBoss Application Server specifies Java 1.5 as its runtime environment. However, Java 6 has many improvements over Java 1.5, and JBoss AS can run on Java 6. We also try out Seam 1.2.1.

Configuring Postgres on Ubuntu

Linux - 2:12 PM, Wed, Jul 18 2007

It's easy to set up the Postgres SQL database server on Ubuntu, and use the pgAdmin tool to control it.

Linux network scanning with saned

Linux - 3:30 PM, Tue, Jul 17 2007

The Scanner Access Now Easy (sane) software package allows Linux computers to access scanners over a network. We show how to configure network scanning under Kubuntu.

New blog software

Default - 2:10 PM, Fri, Jul 13 2007

Our new blog software is up, with permanent URL links

Welcome Slashdotters!

Default - 12:57 AM, Sun, Jul 8 2007

Welcome Slashdot!

Cazoodle: a new search engine

Search - 1:24 PM, Thu, Jul 5 2007

We're getting increasing crawler activity from a bot called Cazoodle. What is it?

Parsers with Javacc

Default - 2:52 PM, Wed, Jul 4 2007

JavaCC, the Compiler Compiler for Java, is an amazing tool for defining grammars and then parsing content that follows those grammars.

Securing Java web applications

Security - 4:46 PM, Fri, Jun 29 2007

The Java web application platform has great methods for securing web applications, and for isolating the security implementation from the application itself. Let's take a look at how this is done, and how this compares with Apache HTTPD's security options.

Search engine optimized blog software

Search - 10:03 PM, Thu, Jun 28 2007

Good content leads to good search results, if the content is presented with correct formatting and correct URLs.

Search engine optimization comments

default - 7:57 PM, Sat, Jun 23 2007

The importance of giving proper 404 errors, and the effect of changing domain names on search engine placement.

Drag and Drop Applet preview is up

Default - 7:55 PM, Mon, Jun 18 2007

Our Drag and Drop applet is coming back, with new features such as image editing. Also updates on SIP on Vista, and our spambot trap.

Sony Vaio ipw3945 kill switch

Mobile - 7:51 PM, Fri, Jun 15 2007

Sony Vaio laptops using the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 (ipw3945) have a wireless kill switch which can be activated accidentally.

WML on the Motorola A1200

Mobile - 7:49 PM, Thu, Jun 14 2007

How the Motorola A1200 parses WML pages.

WML pages launched, and the HttpClient Applet Fork is back

Default - 7:44 PM, Wed, Jun 13 2007

Our WML pages are back, our downloads are back, and our spambot trap is already finding customers.

Software development articles

Default - 7:41 PM, Tue, Jun 12 2007

We have started a series of articles on web software development, Java, and related topics.

GSA prices posted, website changes, new domain name

GSA - 7:39 PM, Thu, Jun 7 2007

We posted our price list, and moved from to

Vista and the Schedule Input Program

GSA - 7:37 PM, Mon, Jun 4 2007

GSA vendors must list use a program called Schedule Input Program (SIP) to get their products listed on the GSA Advantage! web site. SIP is not fully compatible with Microsoft Vista, but can be made to work.

Re-launched web site

Default - 7:32 PM, Fri, Jun 1 2007

We have launched version 2 of our website.

Chiral Software receives GSA award

GSA - 7:29 PM, Wed, Jan 3 2007

We received our GSA award today.